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Cosmos is an all-new, star-spanning, maxi-series that brings together all of Advent”s cosmic characters and chronicles the origins of the Advent Universe as events are set into motion that could destroy all existence as we know it! The entire Advent Universe will forever be changed by this company-wide event!

The Omniverse Shutters As A New Hope Emerges!

Cosmos #4 opens as war comes to the Earth as the Regime Empire Attacks! Armada has issued an ultimatum to Earth – Immediately turn over the relic or face total annihilation! Project: Homeland ups the ante as DEFCON 5 springs into action and the mysterious Veteran & Castle recruit an Elite, International, Special Forces Unit to take the fight to the heart of the invading Regime force. Meanwhile, Legend & The Vanguard finally confront the secret enemy that they were formed to stop but will even the mighty Africa Force be enough to help them save the day? Genesis and Enigma continue to explore the origins of the Advent Universe as they bear witness to the first appearance of the cosmic foundations of this universe. As more universes fall to the Creation Wave, a new enemy emerges as Mike Harrington’s Simian Soldiers enter the fray! Also, the last page of this issue will deliver a MIND-BLOWING, SHOCK ENDING that will have everyone talking about this series as a MAJOR character enters the Advent Universe!


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