Champions Issue 3

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After teaming up, Danny and Dark Michael run into trouble as the other Michael intervenes. The two Michaels duke it out through the city streets. Meanwhile, Alex and Mary’s escape plan is working, but not without it’s speed bumps.


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I’m the writer, penciler, and inker for my independent comic series, Champions. I’ve written anthology pieces accepted by Once Comic to Rule Them All, and have been considered for inclusion in Alterna’s horror collection. From 2011 to 2014, I wrote and illustrated a webcomic named Little Alice (defunct). Afterward I worked on the webcomics The Good Fight (defunct) and Tide That Returns (being revived in print).

Comics keep me quite busy, that’s for sure, but I still find time for commissions. My passions lie in writing and character illustration. I’ve worked on local political campaigns, magazine covers, podcast covers, blogs, and even D&D characters. To add to it, I’d love to write more, and perhaps even collaborate with you!

Along side all of that, I also work with the South Dakota and Nebraska arts councils as a Resident Artist on both states teaching rosters. I travel both states teaching students to write and create their own comics. I’ve been to schools in communities with as few as 45 students, and as many as 500 students.