Blue Crisis Love (Complete Version-English)

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Mika Kaiyou is a fun and innocent daydreamer attending the university, Japan Fine Arts (JFA) as a storywriting major. She enjoys writing, but often finds herself distracted with fantasies of her classmate, Nouya Hachimori, a very skilled and very dedicated writer. He is all she thinks about, secretly carrying around a small stuffed toy she pretends is Nouya, to act out her girlish fantasies. Because of Mika’s talents and eccentricities, Nouya, despite having a mainly studious nature, is drawn to her from the beginning, yet is hiding secrets of his own behind his displays of kindness and lighthearted affinity.This marks the beginning of a quirky courtship filled with both harmless fun as well as numerous crises along the way.


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My name is Wade “Cito” Wheelington III. I am a fresh graduate from a manga vocational college in Tokyo and I have been living in Japan for over 5 years studying the language as well as the art styles and storywriting styles.
Originally form St. Louis, I have been drawing comics since the age of 3 and always wanted to live in Japan. Now I am living the dream, trying to promote my art and characters along the way as I grow as an artist.