Between the Realms Vol. 1

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Saedie thought she was having a really bad night, until a strange woman who calls herself Amirah whisks Saedie away to a parallel dimension. Saedie learns of an entirely new world, a place where humans don’t exist. This world is called Trea’h, a breathtaking realm of beauty and equally fatal among some of the inhabitants. Along the way, Saedie finds love, uncovers secrets long buried in blood, and what it truly means to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Between the Realms is romance/fantasy webcomic. Our two heroines are Saedie Connolly and Amirah Ula, who develop a romantic relationship. It focuses on the dilemmas of our two protagonists as they overcome their tragic fate and other obstacles as well as falling deeply in love along the way. Enjoy this volume of Chapters 1 & 2, over 130+ pages, fully colored, along with some exclusive content!


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Alethea Van Holland is profession comic book artist, creator, and illustrator.