ARSENAL™ No.1 beta

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– Standard Resolution
– 18 Pages + 1 Character Data Sheet
– Black & White, 100% Analog
– For Mature Readers
– DRM Free pdf

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ARSENAL™ is an anthology written and illustrated Loroko. The four stories featured in the first issue were created over a decade ago, though the art did not begin until 2017. None of the protagonists in the book are heroes, or even anti-heroes. Their occupations include a Bounty Hunter/Mercenary, a Car Thief, a Survivor and a Dirty Cop. Each of them finding themselves in situations where good and evil is irrelevant and survival is everything. This book is made 100% by hand, the old fashioned way. 18 pages, black & white. Hi Res version also available on ComiX Central.


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Loroko writes and illustrates ARSENAL™and runs Better known for serving the public as a tattoo artist since 2010, he also created and distributed the comic book zine “24 Hour Land”. The DIY mentality still resonates in his production of ARSENAL™, creating the entire book with analog techniques as well as self-publishing. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and a bunch of fucking cats.