Anomaly 23 (Issue #1)

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Jack Connor, a high school teen with cerebral palsy, takes a shortcut with peers through a junkyard landing him in the middle of an epic battle between super-powered foes. During the fight, Jack and his friends are exposed to a mysterious chemical compound known as C-23 changing their lives forever.

Written By : Chris Hendricks, Andre DiMuzio, & Dirk McDougal
Art By: Leigh Jeffery
Colors By: Jay Moyano
Letters By: Joey Sheehan

4 reviews for Anomaly 23 (Issue #1)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Spencer Scott Holmes (verified owner)

    The perfect example on how you can make something totally fresh in the superhero genre is proven greatly here in Anomaly 23. With 2 main characters with the archetype of Timmy and Jimmy from South Park and that is a definitely an awesome thing! Two cripple kids who are best friends, going to school, hanging out at the arcades and looking for the treatment to finally cure all. They stumble into a superhero section with powers that look like they were created from similar dose of the Ooze in Ninja Turtles. And of course with the military on the lookout for what seems to be missing, experimental Bio Tech.. The book is funny, with real world characters, dialed in artwork and topped off with some super powers. Can’t wait to see what comes next for the gang.

    Spencer Scott Holmes
    That “Pizza Boyz” Comic Guy

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Craig Johnson (verified owner)

    This comic is fantastic, what more do I need to say?
    I was blown away by the amazing artwork, everything from the big set pieces to just the small character interactions look amazing.
    The story is great the conversations between characters feel so natural and real it sucks you in from the start. I can not wait to find out the history behind the characters and learn what drives them and I am so looking forward to seeing where the story goes. Congrats to everyone involved in this you have worked your ass’s off and it shows.
    If you want a great story and looks amazing this is the comic for you.

    Craig Johnson
    Project: Saviour

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Owl Eye Comics (Derek W. Lipscomb) (verified owner)

    I had downloaded this fantastic read, despite the rule that “one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”. Thankfully, Anomaly 23 ignores that rule, as it not only is a visual treat, but an engaging set-up. I’ll start with a loose premise: focusing on two disabled young men, we are given a glimpse of the daily trials of living with a condition and how these two come with it. Its actually smartly written, because most times disabilities are often showcased as the condition first, and character second. Here we see Jack, one of the two people in question, display his interests for an uber athletic classmate that leads both of them along with her protective brother into a situation that goes zero to WTF in an intense fashion. What transpires must be seen rather than told here, but my curiosity is peaked thanks to the advent of some peculiarly enhanced individuals. Hendricks writes these characters with believability and sets up the action with a page turning energy. The art is just as fitting, and for some reason, I really dig the color pallet used in this issue. It’s not overly saturated, nor is it washed out or muted, but rather warm in a homeliness sort of way. I now want to have explanations asap, but that’s good. Anomaly 23 knows how to tease your curiosities!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    cmholler (verified owner)

    Writing: Anomaly 23 gets it right where many other stories get it wrong. The characters behave naturally and interact realistically with each other. What I like most is how the struggles seem genuine. You root for the characters to succeed instead of just feeling sorry for them.

    Art: This issue has slick and dynamic artwork. The characters have unique designs and they’re all visually distinct from one another. The coloring is solid with extra details like glowing effects and the pixelation of the video game screen providing a nice touch.
    Overall enjoyable issue. Look forward to more.

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