Agent Sparx: Defender of Glittera, Collector’s Edition

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On the distant utopian world of Glittera, security agent Sparx and her partner Leng Xie defend the planet from alien gangs, killer machines, and mysterious ancient beings, all in a style reminiscent of the Saturday morning cartoons of yesteryear. Join them in their debut adventure – Defender of Glittera – as they track down a murderous gang of aliens called “Shin-Gans” rampaging their way across town. Lead by the villanous Hewa, these Shin-Gans will stop at nothing to take what they want. Only Sparx and Leng Xie are equipped to put a stop to Hewa and her followers, but can they do it in time before another life is lost.


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I grew up reading comics in the 80’s and 90’s – everything from Garfield and Peanuts in the Sunday paper to TMNT, Spider-Man, X-Men, and Superman. Seeing my favorite characters come to life on the small screen only deepened my love for them; you couldn’t pull me away from the TV on Saturdays until my morning cartoons were over. But it was Michael Keaton’s Batman that truly blew my mind and turned a love into an obsession. Over the years I dreamed of creating my own comics, but my lack of any artistic talent kept me from seeing that dream become a reality. But in April 2017 I finally made the decision to work with some amazing artists who are just as dedicated to my characters as I am.