When is an invisible friend not invisible?
When she’s a cartoonist’s muse!
Join Iris the Art Muse and her bemused artist in their adventures — Deadlines! Angst! Procrastination! Insomnia! Character Development!
But fear not, Iris is always there to… uh… help, in this first collection of Muse Comics from Karen Gillmore’s art blog.


It all began with a promise.
Iris the Art Muse, my lifelong invisible friend, couldn’t contain herself any longer when I started a self-imposed, 30-day, drawing-a-day challenge in February of 2014. Although I was already embarked on a graphic novel project, I was tired of doing thumbnails and sketches and wanted a reason to do a finished drawing every day. Iris popped into visibility and expressed consternation at my rash vow.
I, of course, drew her.

Audience: this one will be more appreciated by teens or adults who are artists themselves — it’s safe for all ages, but little kids probably won’t get a lot of the jokes. Unless they are artists. In which case, buy them this book to let them know what lies ahead!
20 pages
©2014 Karen Gillmore

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  1. Awarded the CXC Comic of the Week March 6-12, 2017.

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Victoria, BC illustrator and writer Karen Gillmore especially loves drawing animals, in particular cats, dolphins, horses, racoons, dragons, and dinosaurs. She is secretly a mermaid.

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I GOT IT! As did my niece & nephew :)

Posted on December 24, 2016 by Lord.Rev.Dr.Mathias666

Well, you can't argue about the $ paid, this is truly value for money. I, my sister, 15yr old niece and 13yr old nephew enjoy it very much as well. Sure there were 'things' that were missed by the young one, but the visuals more than compensated for that. We all enjoyed the read,the visuals, and the story. Give it a go, see for yourself! cheers ;)

Grouse :)

Posted on December 23, 2016 by Lord.Rev.Dr.Mathias666

Great value again how could you not enjoy this. Worth much more than what I paid :). the stroy/narrative keeps the eyes to the page as does the bright illustrations! Have a look ;)

Great value.Enjoyed!

Posted on December 23, 2016 by Lord.Rev.Dr.Mathias666

Liked the romp of the stroy with corresponding bright illustrations! Have a look ;)