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we doubt the rest of responsible America will be much cheered, but for
us personally, there’s at least one silver lining to Trump’s winning the
election this year: our new comic isn’t going to seem so dated.

When we began writing BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC # 1 last year, Trump hadn’t even clinched the Republican nomination.  Like
almost everyone else who’s gazed on him, though, we couldn’t help
noticing the demagogue’s ‘do.

us level with you on this: when you’re writing a book about a psychic
barber, you are always on the hunt for fun and/or relevant hair-related
material.  And the mane on that man?  It was like a gift.

So we came up with a reactionary rabble-rouser by the name of Atticus Jackson,
whose curious perm may figure into a larger mystery BOB is trying to
solve.  And Ol’ Jackson, he would have been a just dandy addition to the
BOB mythos, we found ourselves grumbling later – if not for the
production delays that pushed our new issue past the election.  Like
most people, we were certain Trump would be history after that, and BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC #1 would be dated from the very moment of its release.

If only…

But we’ll take our comforts where we can right now.

Learn the secret of Donald Trump’s Atticus Jackson’s hair in BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC # 1 “The Legend of Legros.”


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