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Luke was just a young lad when, upon browsing the Punisher section of his local comic-book store, he was bitten by a radioactive author. Thinking nothing of it, Luke went home to spend his days playing video games and watching countless movies. That was until he reached his late twenties, and certain powers began to manifest… These new "Abilities" included: "Ultra Caffeine Absorption" – The ability to ingest an inhuman amount of Coffee (also known as creative lubricant). "Amplified Vision" – The ability to look at two sentences and consider it a 'productive day of writing'. "Vocabulary Oblivisci" – The ability to forget all knowledge of the English language the minute pen touches paper. "Inspiration Insomnia" – The ability to be flooded by ideas at the exact moment you should be sleeping- only to forget them by morning. "Colossal Hesitation" – The ability to procrastinate at an almost super-human level. "Accuracy Conufsion" – The ability to come up with completely new ways to spell words. "Completion Aversion"- The ability to come up with an idea, start working on it but not being able to see it through to the

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