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Growing up in the UK Jamie noticed he was starting to change after unintentionally drinking a radioactive cup of English Breakfast Tea. Many years later his powers began to manifest including an ability to create bizarre stories grounded in reality. By day a Software Product Manager but by night a creative machine able to procrastinate on a creative idea for months on end. Oh you wanted a serious profile? So at the age of about 9 or 10 I discovered a Batman comic which republished his origin story. As a 10 year old this opened up a whole new world of comics in terms of depth of characters and not the the Bam, Pow! Stuff I'd been bought up with before. There will also always be a place in my heart for the Dandy and Beano (you’ll have to look that up if you’re outside the UK) In my formative years I was heavily influenced by the burgeoning talent coming out of the UK Writers Like Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman. Artists like Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons and others who led the 'British Invasion’. I love to draw/paint but my real passion lies in writing as well as reading Comic Books. I enjoy the usual suspects from the big publishers but nothing quite captures the unbridled creativity and raw talent seen in Indie comics. I was really proud to be asked to join ComixCentral as contributor, marketing influencer and bring some of my product/tech experience to help build the best hub for indie lovers and creators on the planet. Jamie Norman / Co-founder ComixCentral – Empowering Indie Comic Creators — http://www.comixcentral.com

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