KrakenPrint & ComixCentral

KrakenPrint & ComixCentral have teamed up to bring you amazing quality, great deals & simplify your Comic book printing fulfillment!

As a ComixCentral member, you will receive a 5% discount on all KrakenPrint orders (before shipping) and 50 FREE Comics on orders over 500 copies! All you have to do is say “ComixCentral” sent me when placing your order!

About KrakenPrint

KrakenPrint is a one-stop custom printing shop. First, we use our years of printing experience and expertise to meticulously prepare your project. Then we work closely with our printing manufacturer to ensure that your final printed product meets our exacting standards.

Streamlining this process from beginning to end means we’re able to offer printed products for an incredible value. Our customers save 30-70% for quality printed goods that look and feel 100% professional.

No gimmick, no catch, no fine print. Only finely printed materials and amazing savings.

Bring Your Big Ideas to Kraken!

Share your vision with us and we’ll use every printing resource available to bring it to life.

Don’t be afraid to go crazy! We want to hear all about the custom shapes you’re envisioning. Share your fantasy of books bound in rainbows of foil! Covers with such detailed embossing and debossing it’s as if the images have come to life! If you can imagine it, KrakenPrint has the printing expertise to achieve it.

The Perks of Being a ComixCentral Creator

Kraken Print is offering all ComixCentral creators a 5% discount on all orders (before shipping) and 50 FREE Comics on orders over 500 copies!

Just say “ComixCentral” sent me when placing your order!

KrakenPrint & ComixCentral for Kickstarter Fulfillment!

KrakenPrint has full Kickstarter fulfillment services. From printing to shipping, they’re your one-stop shop to simplify your Kickstarter along with your %5 ComixCentral discount. We know every penny counts when Crowdfunding your Comics!

And don’t forget ComixCentral has your back on the Digital fulfillment of your Kickstarter campaign. Check out the details here.

KrakenPrint for Comic-Con & trade show displays

KrakenPrint has you covered for all your Comic-con and trade show needs! Banners, displays, business cards, postcards and of course, Comics, graphic novels and trade paperbacks!

Get that professional shine that brings the buyers and fans right to your table!

Get your 5% discount on all orders (before shipping) and 50 FREE Comics on orders over 500 copies!

Just say “ComixCentral” sent me when placing your order!