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THE FRONTERA: FLASH OF DAWN | CXC Featured Kickstarter


CXC Featured Kickstarter!


Star Cross Comics, publisher of The Last Dragoon, Propaganda Press, and the Spirits of Valor are proud to present the new sci-fi western comic series, FRONTERA: FLASH OF DAWN! Frontera exists in a time where we have freed ourselves from enslavement by an alien species and are now at the highest echelon in the Universe. We follow the exploits of a young woman, Makota, and her journey in that Universe.

Frontera: Flash of Dawn is written by A.J. Kinkade, pencils by Myk Emmshin, colors by Everardo Orozco, letters by Erek Foster, cover pencils by Carlos Gomez, and edits are by Laurie Foster. Frontera: Flash of Dawn is Part 1 of a total of 10 books, and will also have spin-offs for other characters in the Frontera-verse.

“I have been wanting to create something like this for years.” Kinkade says, “I love science fiction and comics. I could also definitely see this adapted into a Netflix or movie series.”

This will be Kinkade’s first comic writing credit, but he hopes that it will not be his last.

“I have always enjoyed comics, since I was a little kid. Kinkade says. “I remember seeing and reading the first one, an Iron Man comic; I bought it because he was fighting with the Hulk underwater on the cover. The TV series is why I became a comic fan.”

Kinkade points to movies such as 5th Element, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy and TV series such as LEXX and Babylon 5 as influences, as well as comics such as Starstruck, Grim Jack, and Howard Chaykin’s AMERICAN FLAGG! “I just love great sci-fi. Kinkade says.

Kinkade plans on spinning off Frontera: Flash of Dawn into other sci-fi comics, such as one about his devil-may-care, cooler-than-cool swashbuckling character, Fess Frontera, called “The Fearslayer”, and one about the cantankerous and unruly Hannibal Lockhaven, once Frontera has taken off.

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