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Daddy’s Issues | Chapter 7 | The Gender Reveal


Welcome to the blog series; Daddy’s Issues, from Indie comic creator, Johnny Craft.  Come along chapter by chapter as this comic book writer explores the journey of expecting his first child and all the emotions and creative challenges that come along with it. 

Jovelyn Jade & Johnny

Finally, the twenty-week ultrasound is here! Finally, we have the answer to everyone’s follow-up question, after learning we’re having a baby! Finally, we know if we are having a little Batman or a little Wonder Woman!

We did some light preparation leading up to the day. Jovelyn and I went to Target and picked out Babylove’s first outfit, that we plan on leaving the hospital in. If it’s a little girl, we picked out a tiny Wonder Woman onesie, complete with a little printed-on lasso and everything! If it turned out we were having a boy, then we decided on… surprise, surprise… a Batman onesie.

First, let me start by saying everything looks healthy and right on track! All the measurement line up with our expected due date (August 29th) and Babylove looks healthy and normal. The first sigh of relief was out of the way.

Unlike the last ultrasound, I remembered to eat before we went. The only waiting room hitch I encountered this time was deciding that I had enough time to hit the bathroom before they called us in. Sure enough, I came back from a most-satisfying piss to find that the carrier of my child was ushered off without me.

I had to ask some sweet older lady to let me in the locked door and I quickly found my way into the ultrasound room. I took a seat and positioned myself in front of the screen. Jovelyn looked so beautiful and she even told the nurse that she wasn’t going to cry this time.

That was a lie. We both did. Again.

The image came on the screen of little Babylove in the breech position. Basically, mooning us… just like daddy in his high school days!

“Do you want to know the sex?” the nurse asked. “Because, I can tell already.” “I already know, too,” I said. And I did. It was clear as day. It’s like Babylove KNEW we wanted to know if we were having a boy or girl, by positioning the genitals front and center. I suddenly knew what my very next purchase was going to be. Babylove had their first onesie in their future and the picture for our Baby Registry suddenly became a bit more clear.

It’s a BOY!

Admittedly, we both thought we would do best with a little girl, but this opened up a whole new amazing level of possibilities. I have plenty of Batman comics to hand down and the Halloween costume possibilities are endless! If you attend Cons, get ready to see the cutest little superhero baby to ever grace a convention floor.

Plus, I can teach the little guy how to not be a creep. Hopefully, he won’t have the awkward learning to talk to girls phase that I went through. I’ll make sure he has no trouble finding a prom date.

We had lunch at Red Robin, which seems to be our new ritual after ultrasounds. We were joined by Jovelyn’s (very pregnant) friend, Leslie and her 2-year-old daughter. She is one cute little girl, and you would think that would make me jealous but, the second I learned we were having a boy, it felt like that’s what I wanted all along.

We surprised Jovelyn’s mom at work, to tell her she was having a little grandson and we fully accomplished Jovelyn’s goal of making her mom cry at work. Her mom was really excited and ended up hugging me three separate times. I guess having a family full of girls will really get you emotional when you can finally inject some testosterone into the mix.

My family is a little different. Boys galore, so it was far less emotional for my parents. They were just excited that everything looked healthy.

My seven-year-old niece seemed a little disappointed. I think she wanted a little girl cousin. On the plus side, though, she’s already my little comic book buddy. Now, I have someone I can buy DC Superhero Girls dolls for AND someone to buy all the Batman action figures for. I really just get to experience both sides of the modern childhood comic book fan.

I’m excited for the next part of the journey. Babylove won’t have a nursery, HE will have a Batcave.

And yes, he already has his first Batman suit. We stopped at Target on the way home from the hospital. His war on crime is just beginning…

Johnny Craft is a comic book writer, who is constantly looking for new talented artists to bring his scripts to life. Johnny’s physical composition is made up of 20% ambition, 30% talent, 40% coffee, and 10% illicit drugs. 

Edited by Joey Sheehan

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