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Daddy’s Issues – Chapter 3: The Sound of Ultra


Welcome to the blog series; Daddy’s Issues, from Indie comic creator, Johnny Craft.  Come along chapter by chapter as this comic book writer explores the journey of expecting his first child and all the emotions and creative challenges that come along with it. 

Jovelyn Jade & Johnny

It was the morning before Valentine’s Day and I woke up from a really anxious, restless, half-hearted attempt at sleep. Jovelyn and I were going to meet Babylove for the first time. It was the day of our first ultrasound.

I never thought I would be as scared as I was. I’m the level-headed, held-together, “everything is going to be okay” one of the pair. On this day, though, I was shitting my pants. I actually needed Jovelyn to drive us to the hospital, because I was too nervous. We got to the appointment on time, but I had to skip breakfast. That was a mistake. The first part of the appointment was an “education” segment, which basically consisted of a nurse practitioner telling Jovelyn how to best take care of Babylove… by listing off a bunch of food she can’t have, and should have. Did anyone tell this lady that I skipped breakfast?! I’m starvin’ over here!!! Stop talking about food!

They sent both of us back to the waiting room, to await the actual ultrasound. We waited for awhile. With each passing second, I kept having fantasies about seeing a vending machine appear in the distance like a desert oasis. In hindsight, I had plenty of time to journey to a cafeteria, the in-hospital Starbucks, or even an In-n- Out Burger whose closest location is at least a thousand miles from me. My point being: they kept us there FOR-FUCKING- EVER! Finally! Starving and annoyed, they called us into the ultrasound room. I sat in a chair next to the medical bench (complete with don’t-kick- me-in- the-face leg supports) meant for Jovelyn. Little did I know that my minor annoyance, with waiting and certainly early starvation symptoms, were about to mean absolutely nothing at all.

I want to skip ahead to the final part of our appointment, before going into the ultrasound itself.

Jovelyn needed to get a physical and the nurse in charge was actually a pretty funny lady. We saw her in the lobby, during SUPER WAIT, and Jovelyn commented on how much she loved her shoes. The nurse confirmed that those red high-heels were actually about 15-years- old. She complimented my bravery for my willingness to be in the room, during a pap smear, and even gave me a wink-and-a-nod when she told Jovelyn that her (already F cup) boobs were going to get “HUUUUUGE!”.

Back to the ultrasound.

The nurse in the ultrasound room did a really good job at making eye contact back-and-forth between both Jovelyn and I. One should assume she was talking to Jovelyn when she said “undress from the waist down and I will be right back in”, but she WAS doing a really good job at making eye contact back-and-forth between Jovelyn and I. I couldn’t help but laugh at the image of the nurse walking back into the room, in horror, to see me standing with my cock and balls out.

Jovelyn took her pants off. I kept mine on. She got into position, and the nurse came back in the room. The nurse opened some programs on the computer, lubed up some instruments, and turned the lights off. Then… things got really, really… real.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. Emotionally, that is. I’m not an idiot. I know what an ultrasound consists of, and the end result. I didn’t know how I was going to react. At first, the screen just looked like grey blobs on an out-of-focus, scrambled porn channel from a 90’s television set. I never expected to have the most surreal experience. Of. My. Life.

The image came into focus, clear as day, and there he/she was, dancing and waving. Babylove Craft. Active and healthy, with the dance moves of his/her daddy. I started to well up with tears, immediately. I couldn’t take my eyes away from the screen, but I could hear Jovelyn laughing and holding back her own tears. After composing myself, I stood up and held the love of my life’s hand, while we watched our glorious creation together. We smiled at each other and marveled at what we made. It’s truly a moment I will never forget.

Babylove Craft

I finally stopped crying at this point, but then the nurse told us it was time to hear the heartbeat. The second we heard the incredibly healthy heartbeat of our incredibly healthy baby, we both started to cry all over again. It was, to date, the most emotional day of my life and that includes when Jovelyn told me she was pregnant.

The nurse printed off ultrasound photos, of Babylove waving, and left us alone for Jovelyn to get dressed. We took a few seconds to look at the screen again, and then Jovelyn started to put her pants back on. I bent down, to help with her shoes, and to kiss her stomach… Actually, that’s a lie. I bent down, and yes I did want to kiss my baby (especially after seeing the little buddy), but I had slightly more… sinister motives. Muahahaha!

What Jovelyn didn’t know is, before we left for the hospital, I slipped something into my hoodie pocket. When I bent down to kiss Babylove, I also reached into my pocket for that item. I looked up at her and showed her an engagement ring that I bought for her a few weeks prior.

I kept it simple.

“Will you marry me?”

I thought it was the perfect moment to ask, and Jovelyn had since agreed with me. She slipped the ring on, still filled with every emotion.

“Of course.” she said, with a what-are-you-stupid tone. We agreed that it was time to FINALLY get food and begin the next phase of our life together.

The Era of Engagement.

Johnny Craft is a comic book writer, who is constantly looking for new talented artists to bring his scripts to life. Johnny’s physical composition is made up of 20% ambition, 30% talent, 40% coffee, and 10% illicit drugs.


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