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CXC2.0 – Updates & Site Changes

CXC2.0 – Updates & Site Changes

We’re excited to announce that this past weekend ComixCentral was updated and a few changes have come into effect.

So what does this mean for you?
Some old and rarely used features will be removed in order to bring you a cleaner, faster and more relevant user experience. More mobile friendlyMore clear focus on buying and selling Comics and promoting your skills as creators.
Let’s expand a bit!
Over the last 2 years, we at CXC have been watching creators and buyers make use of our site; asking pointed questions, requesting feedback and making notes. And with all this data in hand, we’ve been quietly planning and developing CXC2.0. 

This revamp focused on Buying & Selling Comics!

Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll continue to tweak and add little features. There were simply too many things to get done in just 3 days.

The #1 feature we saw you use and love was the Vendor dashboard & Indie-only Marketplace. These are going nowhere and will get an upgrade with a few new features we know you’ll love.

Our marketplace will stay pretty much the same, while we introduce a Library feature, so you can easily see all the Comics you’ve purchased and downloaded them at your leisure. (We also have a cool announcement in the Reader department coming soon.) 

The Forums which we have watched swoon and die are being removed and we will be encouraging our community to gather and connect via Discord A wonderful third-party app with tons of cool features you will love!

Many of the Social Media Features have been removed. This, we know, will piss off about 4 of you. We’re sad to see them go, but unfortunately, they were underused by legit folks and often became the host for spammers and jerks.

With our focus shifting to sales and promotion of the media we love, we think we’ll leave the Social media to Twitter! 😀

Our Blog, as you may have noticed is being replaced by our sister site We’re excited about this new site which will focus on Indie only content and give us access to a wider audience as we also chat about ‘Mainstream indie”. We believe this cross over will bring in new fans, and help us open the market in new and exciting ways while keeping ComixCentral clear of confusion.

Removing Portfolio and Comics in Progress. Unfortunately, this feature has been underused and abused by spam. With our clear focus of selling and buying Comics, this feature will be removed and all the uploaded content to it, deleted from our servers. We’re sorry if you loved this one! We certainly thought it had a lot of potentials, but alas. 

Upgrades to mobile view and a full site Makeover!
That about does it!
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out and we’ll do our best to answer them!

Thank you all for your continuing support and excitement! The community we’ve built together is in a strong position to make these changes and move forward with the Indie Comics revolution!

See you on the flipside!