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CXC PodCast Episode #6 – Marketing Your Comics Series – Part #1

Part 1 of Our Ongoing Series – Marketing Your Comics / Simple, Straightforward Advice for Self Promoting Your Comics & Art.

Today Leigh Jeffery is joined by expert Marketers Kirsten Nelson and Jamie Moran to discuss how to start marketing your comics in a noisy and uninterested world. We also poke fun at how Kristen pronounces Origin 😛 Sorry Kirsten! We love you! <3

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2 thoughts on “CXC PodCast Episode #6 – Marketing Your Comics Series – Part #1

  1. It was good listening to this while sketching. Making a work blog and documenting the creative process is a great idea. I had the privilege of seeing it in action years ago when an old buddy of mine was creating “San Hannibal.” The Facebook Live and Snap Chat suggestions is something I need to implement. I don’t put myself out there like I should.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Putting yourself out there seems to be only way to succeed these days. We live in a tornado of non-stop information and content. Have to get loud and pushy to get to the top, which can be so hard for many creative people. I’m so glad you enjoyed this episode and got something out of it! This is a series we’re really excited about and we look forward to adding more episodes to it 🙂

      Thanks again kenny!

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