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CXC Podcast Episode #1 – Finding our Groove

Welcome to our very first ComixCentral podcast!

Now, a short disclaimer. We have no idea what we’re doing. Three members of our team found themselves early yesterday morning deciding to make a podcast, and they pulled the trigger. We’re all about just getting things done around here, even if you’re flying by the seat of your pants!! 

There are lots of shows dedicated to indie comics. There are review shows, shows that discuss art and the creators, and lots of shows that just geek out in wonderful ways! We didn’t want to step on their toes and so we decided to put together something a little different. As we move forward with our show, we hope to bring you more of our team members, lots of information on marketing, creating, collaborating, attending cons, getting published, covering your ass legally and so much more!

So please join Kirsten Nelson, Chris Hendricks and Leigh Jeffery as they discuss how Pulp Fiction traumatised Chris (not really though), Kirsten nerds out over how the brain interprets good and bad stories and we even get into what are some essential steps that every indie comic creator should take to market their comics as effectively as possible.

We hope you bear with us as we figure this whole thing out. I’m sure the journey will be entertaining! And hey, you might even get some tips on how to start your own podcast!

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