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Crowdfunding Round Up – October 1st 2017

comicbook crowdfunding

Let’s Get Roundin’ UP some Kickstarters!

Every month we run around Kickstarter looking for stuff that really bakes our potato! And this roundup has gone up a whole.. nother.. level.  Come on in and stay a while! Watch some rockin’ trailers, learn about some great comics and then put your money behind some incredible and worthy independent creator’s creations.

And with that, may we present the CXC Crowdfunding Roundup, October 1st, 2017 edition.

by Charon Comics   |    Kickstarter

charon comics 1

All the books are completely colored, lettered and ready to print. They’ve already secured the printer they will be using and are ready to go. Which means no risk to the backers.

charon comics 2

Do you ever get that feeling like something is so cool – I mean, looks so badass – is SO awesome… that you have to have it in your hands? Well, we do, and the good folks at Charon Comics get it. That’s why they’re running this impressive Kickstarter Campaign to print 3 of their gorgeous titles…not to mention one of the 3 is actually 5! ANTHOLOGY! So much action, horror, fantasy, samurai stuff and chicks who kick ass all in the palm of your hands, on your shelf and ready to be poured over from cover to cover. (Just don’t bend the spine, ya’ll know these are gonna’ be collector’s items!) Ok, enough chit-chat, head over to the campaign and put your dollar down!

Kickstarter Campaign  |  |  Twitter

by Mac Smith |    Kickstarter

Scurry comixcentral

We have been obsessively watching Scurry for a very long time and were thrilled to find this campaign! Albeit a little late:( But you all still have a chance to get in on this incredible campaign. The art? Astounding. The story? Heart pounding good fun. Adorable level? Maximum. Scurry has it all, and Doug to boot. (His eating powers are impressive!) With only a few days left to go, you still have time to Scurry on over to Kickstarter and get your copy(ies)! Let’s help this astoundingly talented independent creator, Mac Smith continue to bring the world of Scurry to our world!

Kickstarter Campaign  |  |  Twitter

by Savi Designs   |    Kickstarter

The Realest Bayani is an independent comic book created from the mind of Hip-Hop artist, Mark “Marvel” Teodosio. This comic book brings to life the cultural heritage of the Philippines. The Realest Bayani follows a man by the name of Marlon “Pirate” Ramos who is in fact based on Mark Marvel’s cousin who passed away not too long ago.

Although this Comic clearly has an important and personal motivation for the creators; which we appreciate and applaud, we have to say first and foremost… this Comic looks BADASS! Illustrator Shawn McArthur is absolutely crushing these pages and pinups! That said, please support this passionate team’s effort to make a social impact through their Comic with a message. “In a world of love, power & corruption a man can only stand by for so long. Marlon Ramos stands as one man against a society descending into hell on earth.” — The Realest Bayani 

Get your copy(ies) today!

Kickstarter Campaign Twitter

by Tom Spellman |    Kickstarter

You had me at Goatpocalypse. But seriously, wtf is happening? This is one of those campaigns that stopped us in our tracks, pulled us in and then proceeded to blow our minds with awesome art and evil goats. Sometimes you have to own things that make you go… whaaaaaaaaaaa? If you love weird, gore and total insanity, this is the Kickstarter for you! Come get your GOAT ON!

Kickstarter Campaign  |  |  Twitter

And that’s it for now! If you’ve got a Campaign you think belongs on our list, let us know!



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