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Crowdfunding Roundup – February 15th, 2018


Velthaneus: Issue 01 – A Sci-Fi Comic

This is the book I’ve been the most excited for on this week’s Round-Up and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.  The art is insane and the story is a blast. The book has the look and feel of a Skottie Young fever dream done with an old school black and white manga style. It’s cyber-punk, it’s fantasy, it’s kinetic, and it needs more love!


Thane is a crazed pervert that busts out of purgatory with some newly gained bizarre supernatural powers and hits the streets of Karst.  Will Thane liven up the city with his new very NSFW party trick, or lose his mind to the same destiny that swallowed the city nearly three decades prior? You can check out the webcomic here.


This is a solo creator doing both story and art in this book. Ashley West needs $4,000 to help with all printing costs and she’s a bit ways off to get there.


It’s a book that’s wholly unique but has a familiar classic indie look and soul. This story and art is the stuff that great indie comics are made of! As I write this, the book is about $3K from its goal with only 12 days to go. When I said it needs love I meant it, folks! Back this book!Velthaneus_ comixcentral

Velthaneus_ comixcentral 2Follow this link to learn more and support this campaign »

Gunpowder Witch: The Graphic Novel

Comic shops are drowning in superhero books and it can be excruciating to get your indie superhero comic noticed because of that.  You need something new or unique to make the possible reader say to themselves, “Oh, that’s different. Cool!”  Gunpowder Witch accomplishes this by setting the story in an alternate history that combines the Salem Witch Trials with X-Men.


Set in 17th century New England: Rebecca Bell manifests supernatural powers and she is branded as a witch. She becomes hunted by a fanatical preacher and is aided by other outcasts with their own unique powers. The fight heats up to a fiery confrontation showing that the flames of justice cannot be extinguished by hatred and intolerance.


They’re very close to their goal, and they just need one good nudge to send them over to the finish line. You don’t have to dig deep to help this comic come to hardback.


This is a type of book that belongs on paper and bound in a hardback. After reading the pitch, I can’t think of a better way this story should be presented.  It needs to be cracked open like a witch’s old spell book…minus the dust.

gunpowder witch_comixcentral

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FolkTales Of The Cryptids

You like horror anthologies with great art? You like Cryptids (Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Mothman)? You wanna see them combined? Hell yes, you do.


FolkTales Of The Cryptids [30 pages] is a collection of 4 short horror tales each centered around a Cryptid legend. 8 Artists were paired up to bring each dark tale to life, resulting in a unique collection of short stories. (You can read one of the stories here.)


This campaign is just starting out and there is still a long way to go. Funds are going towards the Art, Colouring , and Printing.


This is the crew’s 4th Kickstarter. They also have a good track record with fulfilling pledge rewards.  “The risk potential for this project is fairly low as the project is 80% complete we’re just colouring the last remaining pages now then finally lettering.”

folktales comixcentral 2folktales comixcentralFollow this link to learn more and support this campaign »
twitter: @joeyafterlight 

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