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CrowdFunding Round Up – June 15, 2017

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My Kickstarter Sense is Tingling!

It’s the middle of the month, and that means it’s time for us to dive into the crowdfunding comics world again and bring to surface some awesome campaigns that deserve to see the light! Let’s do it!

We give you the CXC Crowdfunding Bi-Monthly Roundup, June 15, 2017 edition.

By Jonathan Goff     |    Kickstarter

BIG HITTERS #1, kicks off a sci-fi comic series by Jon Goff (Destiny), Travis Sengaus (Adventures of Spawn) & FCO Plascencia (Batman).

BIG HITTERS is a full-color sci-fi, buddy comedy, action/adventure crime story about a pair of hitmen trying to make a living on both sides of the law in a post-war galaxy.

Just watching that trailer gave me goosebumps! Killer art, killer story line… this one’s a winner! I mean really, who could say no to a description like this “Think Lethal Weapon in space-meets-Guardians of the Galaxy in the streets, raised on Saturday morning cartoons and R-rated movies.” Come pledge your support for these talented guys, get some comics and some sweet swag while you’re at it!

Kickstarter Campaign    |    Twitter

A UK original independent comic about three of the WORST best friends ever!

By Paul Harrison     |    Kickstarter

Urban Squirrel is all set to hit the streets with a dull furry thud. Crazy comic stories and down the track, animated adventures. The first comic episode is here, but if you want to know what happens when a fruit war gets hopelessly out of hand, then you will have to give me your support to get the rest done. With your help this squirrel can live.

Urban Squirrel is a young teen growing up in the big city. An ice cool head in a rough and tumble world. Luckily acid wit and lightning reactions is just what it takes to get by round here.


Interactive animated 360 media is where Urban Squirrel adventures is headed but first we’re dishing out classic comic book pages! Here’s a little tasty interactive 360 YouTube HERE!

Not only can you get involved with bringing more of this hilarious urban squirrel to comic pages, but you can also get your hands on some awesome swag! Including hand painted figures.. what??? Yes! Paul Harrison has really created something special here and his obviously creative skater personality is showing up in everything he touches. Get behind this campaign guys, and as Paul says, “Let’s get this squirrel off the ground!”

Kickstarter Campaign    | 

By Benjamin Kreger  |    Kickstarter

These guys just might have the best Kickstarter trailer of all time! Give it a watch and then throw your money at this insanely talented team who are not clumsy, amateur Hacks! 

Kickstarter Campaign    |   |   Facebook

By Allen Watson  |    Kickstarter

Drachein is an American fantasy epic set in a vast continent bearing the same name: Drachein. Drachein is a nation made of many tribes, collectively known as The Drachein. The Drachein are divided by their endless differences, yet united in their stand against the mighty Second Empire. With their enemy initially vanquished, the Drachein fell when their internal differences grew too tall. The malevolent survivors of the Second Empire regained strength in the cracks of the divided nation of Drachein and with a final blow destroyed the remnants of this once mighty people. Hence forth, the nation of Drachein was nothing more than ruins and empty memories.

Aiyana, just a young girl, faces the aftermath of this conflict, not knowing that she is the last of the Drachein royal bloodline. Living as the protégé to Kanna, Aiyana must overcome her obstacles and reunite the Drachein once more.

Just 2 highschool buds creating an epic fantasy comic. We can really feel the love from these guys being poured into this book and we’re sure you guys will too! Pledge your support and get your hands on Drachein!

Kickstarter Campaign    |

By Swamp Line Productions    |    Kickstarter

This one just jumped right off the page at me! Love the energy and excitement on every page! Just so much fun to be had reading this comic! Get behind ToothVille and let’s make it happen!

Kickstarter Campaign    |   |   Facebook

And that’s it for now! If you’ve got a Campaign you think belongs on our list, let us know!



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