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CrowdFunding Round Up – July 15, 2017

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It’s the Mid-Month Crowdfunding Roundup Ya’ll!

How often do you utter these words… geesh, I wish I wasn’t bored right now! Well be bored no more friend! We’ve searched the Kickstarter vault & the web once more and found a treasure trove of eye popping entertainment to crush even the deepest bouts of boredom to death! Come, joy is waiting!!

With that, may we present the CXC Crowdfunding Bi-Monthly Roundup, July 15, 2017 edition.

by Ricky Lima  |    Kickstarter

Happily Ever Aftr is about a kidnapped princess who uses a dating app to find knights to come and rescue her. It also follows the princesses captor, Gretchen Grimhold, as she comes to terms with what love means to her. For generations, the firstborn Grimhold child has kidnapped a bride for marriage. So naturally, Gretchen follows tradition and kidnaps a beautiful bride for herself. This, unfortunately, does not sit well with her father who is not so accepting. Gretchen must now come to terms with her own sexuality as well as deal with the pressures put on her by her father.

The full graphic novel will continue the story of the kidnapped Princess Emily and her captor Gretchen. We’ll explore the struggle Gretchen has trying to understand how she fits into the world as she discovers her own sexuality. We’ll meet more hilariously pathetic suitors that try to rescue Princess Emily. And hopefully, the King will stop being a butt about the whole thing! The Happily Ever Aftr graphic novel is fun, heart-warming, and best of all THE WHOLE STORY.

A whole graphic novel?! You dang right a whole graphic novel. Over 110 pages of princesses, knights, dating apps, cheesy suitors, and self-acceptance.

Hooooweeee! It’s getting pretty gold in here! Come and throw some support and money at this amazing Graphic Novel project from Mr. Ricky Lima himself! Kickstarter has deemed this project worthy of the Gold standard and having supported the first book ourselves, we’re stoked to see what’s going to happen to all the Happily Ever Aftr characters. Will they find love, will they die excruciating deaths? Who knows?! Let’s make it happen people!

Kickstarter Campaign   |   Facebook 

 ‘Murder Most Mundane’ – Original Graphic Novel

by Mad Robot Comics |    Kickstarter

Everyone loves a disturbingly gruesome murder mystery.

But how many murders are too many?

Murder Most Mundane is an original graphic novel set in a tranquil, idyllic village where the type of murders are inventive and the murder rate is somewhat high….

Inspired by TV detective shows where, each week, we tune in to find another poor victim brutally slain – shock and horror echoing throughout the local community – but no-one ever mentions the exact same thing happened just last week.


Barely a day goes by without a cold blooded bludgeoning or a calculated cruel poisoning. The death rates in these small towns or villages is higher than most war zones. 

Everyone remembers the murders – but no-one actually seems to care. Are we actually looking at a village full of serial killers?

Or, do the origins of this unusual status quo lie in the mythical traditions and unspoken dark secrets of the village’s historical past?

So we’re not sure who is going to be collecting the money for this one considering the team died in the trailer.. but we have faith it will find it’s way to SOMEONE who will send the swag! With all seriousness though, love the concept, love the art, love these guys! You’ll want to get your hands on this fantastic book and some of the great stuff that goes with it! So don’t miss out on pledging your support to this great Kickstarter project.. or they’ll murder you;)

Kickstarter Campaign   |   Facebook     |   Twitter

by Pixabits |    Kickstarter

Future Girl follows the story of a pre-teen girl with time traveling powers, as she – and her anxiety ridden best friend – learns how the choices we make shape the world around us. It’s got a “Captain Planet” kind of feel – with villains representing real world issues that the young heroes must face and overcome.

We’re super excited to see where this project goes. An inspiring story for boys and girls of all ages, Future Girl has an empowering message of hope. That your actions can make real change and everyone is responsible for the future we are creating together. Get behind this wonderful project and let’s bring Future Girl to pages near you! 

Kickstarter Campaign |  |

Lacey & Lily #1 and 2 – a girl and her dog saving the world

by Dave Dellecese|    Kickstarter

Whew! This looks like a lot of fun! Takes us back to when comics where all about kicking ass with your dog and taking names of bad guys! This kid friendly, fun story with lively illustration is sure to delight and if you looking for a comic you can share with your little ones (you know, hooking them on comics;) then this is your chance! Come get involved and help Lacey & Lily find more adventures! 

Kickstarter Campaign  |

by  Carter Hutchison|    Kickstarter

Not just a Comic being created here guys! This is a super cool idea we dig in a big way! Check out the video above to get a clearer idea of what these guys are up to, but believe us when we say, big things are happening here! Come get involved, support this kickstarter and submit your own work!  

Kickstarter Campaign  | Facebook 

Folklore Volume 1

by Folklore Comic |    StoreEnvy

Pre-orders are now open for Folklore Volume 1 hard copy edition! Volume one collects the first three issues of Folklore


Folklore is a superhero horror story that explores the aftermath of an era where the world’s greatest heroes have become the world’s deadliest threat in the blink of an eye. Most heroes are stripped of their powers, and the ones who remain are left twisted into shadows of their former selves — wandering the land crazed and without purpose. Survivors must band together to build new lives in the aftermath, but the more time passes the harder it is to remember the difference between history and the legends that remain.

The awesome guys from Random Encounter Comics are now taking pre-orders for Folklore Volume 1! You won’t want to miss out on this amazing story and gorgeous full color artwork in that signature painterly style we love so much. Come support these rad indie creators and get your paws on what is sure to be a comic collectors must have! |  Facebook   |  twitter 

by Curtis|    Kickstarter

WOW! I have to say, the art in this one just jumped off the page and kicked me right in the.. uhem. Point being, the art is astounding. This team really knows what they’re doing! When they say they want to make a name for themselves in the Comicbook industry, they aren’t screwing around. This project MUST be funded! So let’s get behind this young up-and-coming international team and help them bring their dreams to life!

Kickstarter Campaign |  twitter   |

by  Incarnate Games|    Kickstarter

Here is what when through my mind as I watched this trailer. “WHAAAAAT???? oh my god. WHAAAAAAT?? I want this. SHIIITTTT! Take my money!” I think that says it all. So you get a badass board game and a graphic novel! I’m telling you, Kickstarters don’t get much better than this for people who dig games and comics. Come and back this amazing project; help the deserving creators get to the finish line!

Kickstarter Campaign

And that’s it for now! If you’ve got a Campaign you think belongs on our list, let us know!



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