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CrowdFunding Round Up – July 1, 2017

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Crowdfunding… AWAY!!

After digging through the fabulous Comicbook campaigns available on Kickstarter this month, we have found some real gems in the mix! This roundup features Cats, “Freaks” and a great medieval fantasy! So sit back, get yourself comfy and get ready to support some deserving Indie creators!

We give you the CXC Crowdfunding Bi-Monthly Roundup, July 1, 2017 edition.

by By Sky Ark Comics    |    Kickstarter

An expansive new fantasy series, Hiraeth was written and created by Brent Hodges, featuring art and color from Peter Cacho and Gustavo Mendes.

Hiraeth centers around a group of strangers whose lives intertwine after they begin to see visions of an encroaching, lifeless void as it tries to swallow up the last known light in existence.

Trapped between colliding worlds, our protagonist Karina is one of many connected dreamers that will be tested beyond their limits to navigate the truth behinds the Gods responsible for their visions, their sins, and the fine line between good and evil – in a world filled with bloodshed, betrayal, magic and the need for redemption.

We came to this party a little late with only 5 days left for this all or nothing campaign! We really want to see this Comic funded guys, it’s a beautiful story crafted by expert story tellers and all around awesome guys. Come throw your support behind Hiraeth, get some great rewards and be part of bringing this exciting story to life!

Kickstarter Campaign

By Daniel Crosier  |    Kickstarter

SHOWDEVILS #4, based on the very real sideshow performance duo SHOWDEVILS featuring THE ENIGMA (X-Files, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Making Monsters), and SERANA ROSE with SHEA FREELOVE of CIRCUS EMPORIUM. The comic book depicts the Show Devils misadventures best summed up as Scooby-Doo meets Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects. The new book concludes as a series of short stories with Daniel Crosier (Distortions Unlimited, Vincent Price Presents) writing and providing cover art, with artists DION HARRIS (The Burning Metronome), J. JAMES MCFARLAND, and RIO BURTON published by Misassembly.  We hope to unveil SHOWDEVILS #4 at DENVER COMIC CON, 2017, with The Enigma in attendance.

SHOWDEVILS #4 picks up where #3 left off with The Enigma, Serana Rose, and Shea Freelove en route to their next gig.  This leads them having to deal with self-abusive serial killer, a voltron creature made of many burlesque performers, and ultimately their arch-rival, the maniacal Mr. Osgone.

Whew! This one hit us right in the creative hole! Just watch the trailer and you’ll get an idea of what we’re talking about. It might be our fascination with old timey “freak shows” or it might be the artwork that kicked us right in the junk, but anyway you cut it.. this comic looks like a lot of eye popping fun! Step right up folks and lay your dollar down to get a hold of some great swag, an opportunity to be part of the creative process and of course, a dope comic to blow your mind!

Kickstarter Campaign    |   |   Facebook

By Sebastian Chow |    Kickstarter

So France shot a cat into space?!! Yup this comic is waaaay up our alley! Weird history, sci-fi, CATS! Sebastian’s obvious love of the comicbook medium shines through every inch of this one man Comic creation machine; color us impressed! Come support this fascinating and exciting comic, get some sweet rewards and help CATapult this book to the finish line!

Kickstarter Campaign    | |   Facebook

By  Caleb Thusat |    Kickstarter

If we had to pick one word to describe how we feel about this comic, it would be FASCINATING. Support this brilliant Sci-fi creation by Caleb Thu, exploring reality and get great rewards and a mind bending, though provoking comic for the curious at heart. 

Kickstarter Campaign    |

By  Mike Slade|    Kickstarter

A comic where accidents happen. Or maybe it’s just your super-powered sister causing you to explode while in the gymnasium. Same thing.

We love this campaign for a couple of reasons. 1- It’s about social tolerance and acceptance and we’re all about inclusion, diversity and loving our fellow humans! And 2 – the art and story look amazing! Come support a wonderful, and much needed comicbook and feel good about doing it!

Kickstarter Campaign | Facebook

And that’s it for now! If you’ve got a Campaign you think belongs on our list, let us know!



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