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Crowdfunding Monthly Roundup – April 2017

comic book crowdfunding

You may not know this, but ComixCentral started out as an IndieGoGo campaign! So we know the stress and difficulty of running a campaign first hand.

Because of this first-hand experience in a process that can only be described as “Nerve-wracking”, we have decided to shout out some of our favorite Crowdfunding projects (comics!) on a Monthly basis.

We have also started a forum just for showing off your campaigns and grabbing a little extra attention. Everyone can use some more attention! Don’t be shy, the squeaky wheel gets the grease guys!

And with that, may we present, the Crowdfunding Monthly Roundup.

Galahad and the Far-Off Horizon

Kickstarter Campaign

Galahad and the Far-Off Horizon is a 130 page collection of five stories, set in a fantastical world of witches, golems, and magical creatures. The interconnected stories, written by Hansel Moreno, are each illustrated in a unique art style by Julian Adkins, Chan Chau, Devin Kraft, Maria Frantz, and Julie Godwin. The book also includes companion illustrations for each story by multiple artists. It’s fascinating to see the artists’ different interpretations of the characters.

The Garden of Galahad (49 pages) is a story about love and dedication. Galahad, an enchanted suit of armor, carries out the wishes of its master until the young witch Brynne interrupts its peaceful routine. Over hills, by seasides and past the ruins of old castles, the pair embarks on the journey of a lifetime. This story introduces the world in which the rest are set: The Witches Laugh (8 pages) introduces us to a powerful coven.

Broken Keep(14 pages) looks back at the early life of Galahad’s creator, Lance. Tougher Than The Hills (26 pages) uncovers a mistake Brynne made in her youth. When Magic Was Free (14 pages) details the tragic beginning of the series antagonist. The stories explore themes of friendship, responsibility, determination, and self-discovery amid the backdrop of a magical world and fantastic creatures. The anthology is a product of over two years of collaboration between the writer and artists. Galahad and the Far-Off Horizon is now live on Kickstarter and is expected to be available in summer 2017.

 Come throw your support behind this awesome project that has been in the making for 2 years! A labor of love, comes across in every page.
Website    /   Twitter   /     Campaign

Kickstarter Campaign
Two mismatched detectives hunt a prophecy obsessed serial killer through a post-apocalyptic seaside town. The Last Exit to Brighton from Mad Robot Comics – Matt Hardy making Comic Books. Really Quirky Comic Books.

“How sordid, how vile could you be? – Could you commit great evil to save your immortal soul?”

Check out Ed Bentley’s stunning first page for Last Exit 2: Robo-Nazis of Hove. We are going to punch so many Nazis in this story.

This is a completed project – an extra Special Edition of an existing work (but thankfully without George Lucas’s involvement). The book is just waiting to be sent out to backers – so unless the world ends we cannot fathom a reason why this book wouldn’t be in your hands immediately.

If the world does end – they’ll still get the book to you somehow 🙂

Get this awesome Graphic Novel Here: Kickstarter


Kickstarter Campaign

Kickstarter Campaign

Guys, these books look badass. Let’s help these guys make it happen! 

Back this campaign here: Kickstarter

Kickstarter Campaign

If it’s from Enjoy Comics, you know it’s gonna be gooood! 

Support the campaign here; Kickstarter

And that’s it for now! If you’ve got a Campaign you think belongs on our list, let us know!



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