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Comics History Mysteries #1


On this Very First Comics History Mysteries, “The Voice” and “The Ramblin Phoenix” have a conversation about things from comics that have crossed over to mainstream culture and how often we don’t even think about or realize they are from comics.

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Show Notes:

The show begins with introductions and what we envision for this new and exciting podcast. While the episodes will always use indie comics as a jumping off point all nerd culture, and all of history is open for discussion.

The conversation moves on to examples of history influencing comics using examples like Watchman, Sandman, Fables, and V for Vendetta.

In order to highlight the inverse of how comic book phrases and ideas entered popular culture, the “Dynamic Duo” use Superman as an example and speak at length about Superman references in popular culture and music.

The conversation rambles on to highlight different phrases that began in comics and can be found in popular culture and add some historical context to those phrases.

The topic then changes to the discussion of ancient history, oral history, and prehistory. Followed by a brief discussion of the “comics are for kids.” debate, in which the Ramblin Phoenix brings up an issue of Sandman and a detail in Watchmen that he believes could only be done justice in the comic book medium.

The conversation moves on to a discussion about how storytelling in comics is necessarily different from those in books. Followed by how we consume comics.

The Ramblin Phoenix wishes to emphasize at this point that he has ADHD.

The conversation circles all the way back and ends by highlighting even more words we may not have realized originated in comics.

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