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chad colpitts

Daaamn ComixCentral! Back at it again with a killer Comic Creator interview!

Today we are chatting with the hilarious and delightfully quirky minded Chad Colpitts. Chad is a huge advocate for people looking at butt cheeks as much as possible and we’re inclined to help him out!

You simply can’t miss his iconic, laugh inducing work in “The Streaker” and he’s making us laugh uncomfortably again in “B-Movie Garbage”.

Guys we are honored and tickled that Chad took the time to fill us in on where he’s been, how he got there and how he’ll continue to “go there”.  Enjoy! (FYI- Chad may have been naked while answering these questions.. But we’ll never tell;)

Hi Chad! Thanks for taking the time to answer some of our questions. First off, please tell us a bit about the comics you’re working on right now.

Chad: At the moment I have two comic series on the go. The first series which is now on issue 3, called The Streaker. The Streaker is your average superhero story, except this hero is constantly naked. I know what you’re thinking, but I promise he’s not some weird pervert. He’s just another poor victim of radiation exposure.

After being exposed to radiation, our hero gets radioactive skin that burns everything he touches . . . including his clothing. Since he is forced to be naked he hides out in a nudist centre, and reluctantly fights crime under the guidance of the centre’s janitor. Together they run afoul of some truly bizarre villains, including extremist nudists, and robotic geniuses with phallic shaped acid cannons. This series features the eye poppingly pleasant art of Matt Garbutt (Oh Sh**t Zombies), which is sure to impress (I’m confident on this because it’s great, and my mom really likes it).

The second series is surprisingly and delightfully more inappropriate than The Streaker. It’s an anthology series we like to call B-Movie Garbage, which showcases our own homages to B-Grade cinema. You’ll see campy, disgusting, and slightly disturbing tales that you can never unsee.

The first issue is part 1 in a 3 part tale titled EMOS, where a demonic plague spreads through a highschool turning everyone into the titular fad. In issue 1, witness the possibly accurate origin of the EMO fad, along with some unconventional uses for the human skull. With the inspiredly grotesque art style of Cam Hayden (Futility, Red Flag) to disgust and entertain, we are hoping this will be a must read for B-Movie fans.

What kind of comics do you make? 

Chad: At Tongue in Cheek Comics we create a certain kind of comic . . . the kind you didn’t even know you wanted. Our goal is to bring bizarre unique comics which span a variety of genres, and will hopefully entertain even the angriest of nudist extremists.

When did you get your start?

Chad: I self published and released the first issue of The Streaker in August 2015. I guess that could be considered my start, and hopefully there is no end in sight.

What made you decide to start creating comics?

Chad: I’ve always been a daydreamer with my head in the clouds, full of weird bizarre ideas. I was never really sure what to do with them, until I started reading comics again.

realized comics would be a great format for my ideas, and would give me a chance to bring these stories to life in an exciting, artist, and slightly affordable way.

What motivates you? How do you keep creating through the times when you might feel like giving up?

Chad: Whenever things get tough I rely on the support of my family (like my very supportive mom and sister), friends, and girlfriend Megan Hodgson (brownie point name drop). Plus, I’m always lucky to be working with talented artists who keep things timely and professional. In the end I know I can’t really give up, because the Streaker is way to powerful to piss off. I guess motivation comes easy when your life depends on it.

Your books are wildly creative, where do those ideas come from?

Chad: I’d say my inspiration comes from years of cartoon watching, comic reading, and a devotion to all things movie/ pop culture related. I like to use my comics to satirize or pay homage to the things I love. So basically you could say all the time I’ve spent sitting on the couch in front of the TV was just training for my comic career.

What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

Chad: My laptop. That is where I awkwardly type (or hen peck) out my comic scripts.

What was the first comic you published.. Any memorable experiences during the process?

Chad: The First comic I published was The Streaker. One of the more memorable/ awkward moments of the process actually came about with the act of payment. When I first started off the artist Matt Garbutt didn’t have paypal, so to pay him I have to go into the bank and wire him money. When I would do this the bank employee I was dealing with would ask me what the money was for and I would respond “for a comic”. Of course they would say “that’s a lot of money for a comic”, then I’d explain it’s actually the art for my own comic. All this would lead to the obvious question, and the awkward answer. “What’s your comic about? Well . . . (I have no choice but to tell them) a naked superhero. Then the look, and the polite response of fake interest. I would blush and show them a picture, all while secretly enjoying every minute of the exchange. I got to experience this a few times, and it’s entertainment level never really diminished.

Is there an interesting story you could share with us about your creation experience?

Chad: People always ask where I found an artist for The Streaker, which is a great question since I live in Canada and he lives in the U.K. The answer is I set up a page saying I had a comic idea and was looking for an artist. I actually had two hits before Matt, both didn’t really fit. The first one was a very nice lady, but after hearing the idea she had to admit it was definitely out of her comfort zone. The second guy said he would do it, but I’d have to change some things in order to make them less offensive and more appropriate. Which of course wasn’t really something I wanted to do. Then Matt heard the idea, and basically said “I love it when can I start”. So it was an obvious choice, and I’m very glad I made it, because his cartoony style works perfectly for The Streaker. Plus he’s a great guy to get along and work with.

Do you prefer to work with a team or alone.

Chad:  Since I don’t have a shred of illustrative talent, I’ll always need a team. However, I’m thrilled by this because it gives me the opportunity to work with extremely talented artists. I also find it very cool to have different ideas brought to life with different styles and visions. It gives us diversity throughout our titles, and gives me a chances to work on my flexibility as a writer and publisher.

Chad, do you have any superstitions, or rituals you can share with us?

Chad: I have a certain pair of socks that I wear to every show or con I attend. They’re lucky socks that I was given as a groomsmens gift at a best friends wedding. The wedding was a success with zero casualties, broken bones, or sullied vows, so they are definitely lucky. Plus, they’re a reminder of the constant support I have from my friends (who are the ones that will always buy my comics no matter how horrible). The only real downside of this superstition, is when I forget to wash them between shows. If I do that things can get stinky and I should apologize in advance to those sharing a table with me.

So, what can one expect when they pick up one of your comics?

Chad: Here are two pages from our comics, to give an idea of what to expect from each series. Also to showcase the fantastic artwork you’ll find inside each book. The first page is from The Streaker #2 and the second is from B-Movie Garbage #1.

How can the good folks of the world find out what you’re up to Chad?

Chad: If you want to know more about Tongue in Cheek Comics and the series we publish, you can find us on Twitter @TiCComics or at . You can also contact us at , if you want to know where to pick up print copies or if you want some sent to you.

Well, we’ve come to the end of our interview. This is always an emotional time for us. We love digging into how creators get their amazing comics out in the world and we know you guys love reading about it!

We want to thank Chad again, for sitting down with us and letting us into his world for this brief time. If you’d like to learn more about Chad, buy some of his comics or just stalk him a little, you’ll find all the links below.

Now go make some comics!

Connect with Chad and Tongue in Cheek Comics

Twitter @TiCComics

Comixcentral : @tonguecheekcomics

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