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Alex Priest | Featured CXC Kickstarter


Alex Priest: Vampire Hunter | Issues 1-3

By Jennifer Arledge


This first issue of Alex Priest sucked me in immediately with the epic action sequence between Alex and the vampires. Not only are the fighting moments so fantastically done, but I loved the fun comedic moments added throughout.” — The Nerdy Girl Express

Alex Priest is pure delight, an unofficial sequel to Buffy in an engaging world of surprising depth and detail. It’s got action, romance, laughs, monsters, and all the other cool things that make life worth living.” — Travis Holyfield (STREET CLOTHES)

After two successful Kickstarter campaigns for LGBTQ+ fantasy comic, Alex Priest, writer Jenn Arledge (Future Girl, Black Gold, Trial Run Anthology), principal artist Scott Malin (Green Witch, Artemis, The World’s Worst Bounty Hunter), and cover artist Missy Pena (Steven Universe) are returning to Kickstarter with issue #3.

Last time in Alex Priest: The growing demon army struck a world-shaking blow against our heroes. Alliances will be tested as Alex and Janelle try to clean up the mess. This time? “Issue three continues to rebuild the relationship between Alex and Janelle despite the setback our heroes faced at the close of issue two,” said Arledge. This issue also includes a villain reveal. “We’ve provided hints along the way – peeks at a big bad evil – but he’s finally stepping out of the shadows.”

Alex Priest #3 is also longer with 32 pages compared to the 28 pages in the previous issues. “Issue three sets up our endgame which will be played out in our final two issues,” added Arledge. The final two issues are set to release in Fall 2018 and Spring of next year.

Rewards for this issue include print copies of issue #3, digital back issues, select prints from the Alex Priest cosplay series and cameo spaces for fans or fans’ original characters. Stretch goals will unlock exclusive mini-comics.

The Kickstarter campaign runs from May 15th through June 22nd. 

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