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Adam’s Travels

Here’s a fun fact the Warehouse 9 Productions team is kinda proud of:

BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC # 1 ” The Legend of Legros” is a truly global production.   Not only does our fabulous artist Francisco Resendiz hail from Mexico, but also BOB’s co-writer and editor Adam Volle spent the last year backpacking around the world.  No lie; he helped write the script for “The Legend of Legros” while sheep-farming in New Zealand, gave art corrections from Vietnam, and proofread the lettering as he rode through Russia on the great Trans-Siberian Railroad.   Talk about dedicated, right?

Like me (Lance), Adam is also a stickler for detail.  So, in the course of all this traveling, it only made sense for him to do a little on-the-ground reconnaissance on behalf of Warehouse 9 Productions, in the setting for our latest issue: PARIS.

And here are just a few of the many, many photos he took from his fact-finding trip.   I wouldn’t be surprised if he chose them with the intention of hinting at what you can expect from BOB: NON-UNION PSYCHIC # 1.  He’s playful that way.

 The grounds of the Palace Versailles through its majestic golden gates.  We think Resendiz illustrated and colored the Palace magnificently, don’t you?

VERY TOP: The Concierge served as the prison for aristocrats during the French Revolution.  In this room, the jailer would cut off the hair of his charges before they were sent to meet “le machine” of Monsieur Guillotin.   Note: I have not misspelled “guillotine”, the inventor’s name is spelled without the “e.”

BOTTOM: The cell of Marie-Antoinette, with a mannequin sitting in for the queen.

The catacombs of Paris.  Amazing what you can build with enough bodies, isn’t it?  Why, we bet that if you wanted, you could build a whole new country out of them…  Scary…


BOB’s editor and co-writer Adam Volle, taking notes on his rooftop balcony in the Faubourg St. Denis.  He claims he didn’t intentionally sit for this photo.  Pffft….


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